Welcome to Angel's Mini Gym page featuring my total body exercise machine. I have developed this machine to offer a clean, safe and effective workout without weights. The Mini Gym is composed of ropes, pulleys and the powerhouse resistance tubing. The total Mini Gym package is lightweight (only 5 lbs) and can be packed for easy travel. There are no heavy, bulky or dirty weights that will touch your skin. The Mini Gym is designed to work inside or out, in the fresh ocean air, at the office, in the great outdoors or ar your home. 

Custom Made - Use Anywhere - Proven Results - Lightweight Design

The Mini Gym is so easy to use that children, adults and the elderly can all now enjoy the rewards of healthy exercise. In addition to building strength and stamina, the Mini Gym is excellent for rehabilitation for all types of sports and other types of injuries or from post-operative recuperation. The gym is customizable.

lose the heavy weights!